Garment Care

All john kevin shirts have been carefully selected for both their comfort and style. We stand by the quality of our garments provided the above care instructions are followed and all garments are worn for their intended use.

Care Instructions

Wash Before Wearing

  • Cold or warm machine wash on a gentle cycle with similar coloured garments, and items of clothing, I.E. other business or dress shirts.
  • Use approved detergents only and a reduced or normal spin cycle.
  • To reduce ironing and minimise fading remove from the washing machine asap and hang inside on a shirt hanger to dry.

DO NOT bleach or tumble dry

  • Warm iron, for best results a good steam iron will suffice or iron when shirt is still slightly damp. Apply a light mist of water using a spray bottle if you’re finding ironing hard.
Hints & Tips
  1. Hang shirts on a hanger around 1cm thick to avoid damaging the shirt and causing bumps on the shoulders when drying.
  2. Never apply detergents directly onto clothing, always use dispenser on machines where available or dissolve detergent in water before adding to the wash.
  3. Do not wear the same garment two days in a row. After wearing, all items of clothing should be given a day’s rest or washed for the fabric weave to return to its normal structure, this will prolong the life and appearance of the garment.
  4. Do not iron embroidery or printing on any garment as it will cause the logo to deteriorate. If ironing is required always cover the logo with a 100% cotton cloth, a pillow case is normally a good option.